Monday, June 29, 2009

New Collections, Outlines, Images & Image Sets

New Collections, Additions & Updates:
Guimet Museum, Paris, France
Painting Set: Sakya Monastery
Sculpture: Masks (Private I)
Collection of RMA: Book Covers
Collection of RMA: Avalokita (Sculpture)
Collection of RMA: Avalokita (Painting)

New Outlines:
Eight Fears Outline
Shambhala Kings Outline
Shambhala Kings: Royal Appearance Outline
Shambhala Kings: Deity Appearance Outline
Kalachakra Outline (Updated)

Avalokiteshvara Updates:
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Eleven Faces, Namka Gyalpo)
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara: Eleven Faces (Eight Fears)
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Eleven Faces, Lineage)
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Four Tatagatas)
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Eight Hands)
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Drigung Kagyu Tradition)
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Bhikshuni Shri)
Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Eye Holding)

Miscellaneous Additions & Updates:
Painting Sets Index
Eight Fears List
Lhasa Greyscaled & Numbered (1)
Lhasa Greyscaled & Numbered (2)
Lhasa Greyscaled & Numbered (3)
Initiation Cards: Rinchen Terdzo (Ka)
Buddhist Protector: Nechung Chogyong
Buddhist Worldly Protector: Vaishravana
Teacher: Panchen Lama Incarnation Set (Textile)
Buddhist Deity: Hevajra (Sculpture)
Teacher: Lodrag Khenchen Lekyi Dorje
Painting Set: Indian Adepts (Ford)
Indian Scholar: Atisha (Life Story Paintings)

Shambhala Kings Additions & Updates:
Kings: Shambhala (Set 3, Palpung Composition)
Kings: Shambhala (Set 4)
Kings: Shambhala (Set 5)
Kings: Shambhala (Set 6)
Kings: Shambhala (Set 7)
Kings: Shambhala (Set 8)
Kings: Shambhala (Set 9)
Kings: Shambhala (Set 10)
Kings: Shambhala (All in one painting)
Kings: Shambhala (Palpung Misc.)
Kings of Shambhala - Names List

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