Thursday, January 1, 2009

Function & Relationships Guide/Glossary

A new glossary has been added to the Main Glossary and the Glossary Resources Links Page of HAR. The new Function & Relationships Guide is primarily iconographic. It relates various activities, functions and concepts to the different deities represented in the art. There are some references to people included especially where the unique or particular function characterizes that person, such as Milarepa with song, Tangtong Gyalpo with theatre and iron working, and Drugpa Kunleg as a joker and trickster. The glossary will be annotated over the next few weeks.

Seven glossaries on the site with more on the way: the Main Glossary has been updated and the Caution Words and Buddha Names were both updated recently.

1.Himalayan Art Resources Main Glossary: a general glossary of common Himalayan 'Style' Art terms, both technical and general.

2. Animal Relationships Guide/Glossary: a simple list intended to directly reference the different types of animals depicted in art and iconography to the important deity subjects and symbol sets.

3. Bon Religion & Culture Technical Glossary: a glossary sensitive to the subtleties of the Bon religion, iconography and unique terminology.

4. Buddha Names Glossary: a list and description of the numerous Buddhas that are depicted in Himalayan art.

5. Caution Words & Sensitive Subjects: mistakes from the past, sloppy iconography, sensitive and political subjects, terminology, definitions, etc.

6. Function & Relationships Guide/Glossary: linking up the functions, activities and concepts to the principal deities, gods and figures in Himalayan art.

7. Mahasiddha Technical Glossary: most of what you need to know in order to understand the subject of mahasiddhas.

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