Sunday, November 2, 2008

Navigation On The Site

Please go to the bottom of the page and let us know by using the POLL how easy it is to use the HAR website. We are currently going through and cleaning up confusing pathways and broken links. We are also moving towards a new Home Page that is clearer and easier to navigate but are not yet ready to unveil these changes.

Your input is desired and asked for. You are also welcome to post a comment about how you feel the website can be improved. In the past when we have asked for user response and comments we rarely got anything except positive feedback. We like positive comments but that is not what we are looking for here. We want to hear your ideas for improvements to the site, or suggestions about content that you feel should be added to the site. We have our own ideas, now it is up to you to share your ideas with us.

1 comment:

Ethnoflorence said...

I think that is difficult to criticize a site like yours, extremely well done and cured, so I hope that also this blog it will be. I woild like to suggest to you to dedicate a space also the folk and tribal art of the himalayana region, visiting your site the photos of the masks of the collection of the RMA and the PEACE are really beautiful, but visiting the RMA every year I have noticed like these masks are exposed one or two at the same time, no more, not accompanied from any information . A negleted and unnknown matter that the blog could try to explore. Salut Ethnoflorence